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As a member of MCB Private Wealth Management, you will enjoy a seamless banking experience wherever you are in the world. Your banking needs will always be our priority.


For these very reasons, your assigned private banker will be an experienced, versatile and proactive professional who will pay close attention to details and offer you personalised advice.

Current, savings & fixed deposit accounts in local and foreign currencies

Designed to make banking as efficient and seamless as it’s ever going to be, our accounts services offer convenience, flexibility, security and growth opportunities.

Accounts available: Current, Savings, Foreign Currency, Fixed Deposit

Debit, prepaid and exclusive premium credit cards (American Express®, Mastercard and Visa)

Make the most of your membership to MCB Private Wealth Management and enjoy exclusive premium credit cards that are used worldwide, including American Express®, Visa Signature, Mastercard and Visa Gold.

Online Banking

Bank anywhere with MCB Group’s range of innovative tools and applications. Access your accounts, initiate transfers and payment instructions on Internet Banking, watch your investments bloom, keep track of your money from anywhere in the world. If you ever need advice from your private banker, he or she will respond immediately.

My Conciergerie

Enjoy your very own concierge with My Conciergerie, a service tailored to your lifestyle. It will seamlessly assist you with the finer details. Available 24 hours a day, this bespoke service provides you with assistance and information.

Foreign Currency Account

We offer current and fixed deposit accounts in the major currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, ZAR & AUD.

Other Services

Our broad expertise makes us a trusted partner for the management of your assets, securities and forex trading.

Wealth Management & Investment

Specialised Financing


We hope that you have found a reflection of your own aspirations in M. Our Private Bankers would be delighted to meet with you and offer their guidance so you can take your ambitions to new heights.

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