The solid relationships that we establish initiate shared journeys of personal success. We design a holistic approach, aligned with your values, analyse your goals and understand your aspirations.

Our combined experience and expertise enabled us to create banking, financing and wealth management solutions that match your unique financial objectives. Since 1838, our commitment to providing more than just a good banker to manage your wealth has seen us drawing on MCB’s array of collective experience, knowledge and resources.

Wealth Management

Agility being our forte, our portfolio managers are always seeking to reconcile your growth objectives with your values and aspirations.

Through our wide spectrum of services, ranging from financial planning to portfolio management, we will articulate the right strategies and be your guide and your partner, through every step of your growth journey.


Specialised Financing

MCB Private Wealth Management offers an extensive range of credit solutions for short term or longer-term liquidity, new acquisitions or investment opportunities.

Your private banker, as your strategic partner, will align these options with your needs.


Everyday Banking

As a member of MCB Private Wealth Management, you will enjoy a seamless banking experience wherever you are in the world. Your banking needs will always be our priority.

For these very reasons, your assigned private banker will be an experienced, versatile and proactive professional who will pay close attention to details and offer you personalised counsel.



We hope that you have found a reflection of your own aspirations in M. Our Private Bankers would be delighted to meet with you and offer their guidance so you can take your ambitions to new heights.

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